Ropey King

Western Shipper, firm flesh with heavy netting, sweet & crunchy, very productive

  • Heavy net
  • Small Cavity
  • Thick flesh


Long shelf Harper type, good plant vigour, well adapted to different growing regions.

  • Long shelf with high quality
  • Very firm and crispy orange flesh color
  • Can harvest in two or less harvest


Tuscan type melon, fruits have shallow netting with some ribbing,

  • High sugars
  • Deep salmon flesh color
  • Small cavity

UG 1026-11

Our largest Western shipper melon, with heavy net and crispy flesh

  • Large oval melons
  • For the early slot in melon growing regions
  • Heavy netting

Meloro Improved

Yellow melon of oval shape

  • Has performed well in Central America
  • Crispy firm flesh

Uncle Sam

Honey dew orange flesh, best taste in the industry

  • Best orange flesh
  • Very smooth skin
  • Small cavity

UG 1008 11

Green flesh honey dew, good yields, strong rind

  • Strong plant
  • Well adapated

Uncle Paul

Honey dew orange flesh, larger fruits. Very smooth creamy skin.

  • Excellent taste
  • Crispy firm flesh

Primo Dew

Honey dew green flesh, smooth rind, tight cavity with mid dark green flesh

  • Good performance in Yuma and Central Valley
  • Uniform sizes
  • Strong plant