Green Star

Medium dark green fruits, with good flecking on the fruits, skin is tough won’t scar easily. Plant is open for easy picking, with good twist for easiness of picking the fruits

  • Tough skin to avoid skin scratching
  • Shinny color with small freckles
  • Open, upright plant habit for ease picking


Caserta segment fruits, darker mottle spots with lighter green background, popular in Brazil

  • Plant is compact, open
  • Uniform long fruits


Extended harvest window for prolonged pickings, fruits with traditional grey zucchini speckles and color.

  • Semi open plant for easy picking
  • Uniform shape and sizes
  • Small blossom scar


Our Grafter Cucurbit root stock is well known for controlling soil-borne diseases and improving abiotic stress tolerance. Good combination to diploid and triploids watermelon scion.

Baby Round

Round fruits with grey Zucchini skin color, very tasty