Blocky shape, dark stripe, high density flesh, high sugar and crispy flesh, deep red flesh, high production

  • High production
  • Excellent pollenizer
  • Excellent quality fruits


Firm meat, intense red interior, uniform size, very productive, good post-harvest

  • Very productive
  • Adapts well to different geography
  • Large sizes mostly 27 lbs

Santa Nella

Consistent large size with wide adaptability, especially for South America markets

  • Fruits will size well under a variety of growing conditions
  • Thick rind will protect fruit well in long distances


Very large fruits with, thick rind, firm fruits ideal for long distance transportation

  • Very large
  • Adapts well to different geography
  • Flesh of bright red color


Very good set of fruits in the 45 / 36 range, firm flesh, bright red, with excellent flavor

  • Good set in hot growing conditions
  • Uniform sizes through multi pickings
  • Attractive rind color

La Bestia

Extra big elongated sangria with intense red flesh

  • Very firm and sweet
  • Terrific cover
  • Very high production
  • Good shelf life
  • Large size

Santa Luz

In the AC800 segment with better fruit quality

  • Thick rind, perfect feature for stacking
  • Well adapted to Mexico growing conditions

Santa Barbara

Very vigorous vine the rind a bit more polished, fresh look

  • Thick rind, perfect feature for stacking
  • More polished rind
  • Consistent sizes


Hybrid in the jubilee segment, with consistent fruit set per plant

  • Large uniform fruits
  • Much better color than op jubilee
  • More blocky shape


Smaller fruit with high quality, in the Quetzali segment but with hybrid capability of production

  • A large personal
  • Best performance in Central America
  • A hybrid Quetzali


A high quality Crimson Sweet, with smaller seeds and better adaptation

  • Top gun type with smaller seeds
  • Very uniform in sizes and shape
  • Good performance in regions where crimson sweet is used