Very good set of fruits in the 45 / 36 range, firm flesh, bright red, with excellent flavor


  • Seedless Watermelon
  • Excellent Yield Potential
  • Good set in hot growing conditions
  • Uniform sizes through multi pickings
  • Attractive rind color


  • Glossy Green Color for attractive fruits
  • Excellent flavor with seedless watermelon taste
  • Fruit count mostly in the 45 range
  • Mostly 12 Brix with firmness of 4 PSI
Maturity Mid season
Fruit Shape Blocky Oblong
Fruit weight 45 / 36 bin count
Brix 12-14
Rind Darker stripes in combination with lighter narrower stripes
Flesh color Intense red
Disease Resistance/Tolerance NA


Disease Information

Published data and disease information on this website are of average results from multiple testing sites. It is not a guarantee of actual performance for growers, but information from past results. The performance will vary depending on the actual environment, pathogen strain and management conditions in each field. Please read and understand the United Genetics Limitation of Warranty and Liability before using this product.  View disease guide to abbreviations